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Welcome to Coredump.    ☢↯

This is my little place to put Unix and Linux related information.

coredump definition:
"A copy of the contents of core, produced when a process is aborted by certain kinds of internal error. This is a copy of what was in memory that was owned by a process when it crashed."

It seems these day as though by default core dumps are suppressed, but you can still see them by causing a "Bus error" or "Segmentation fault" after running:

ulimit -c 1024

which is a 'bash' directive to limit core dumps to 1 Megabyte. [Choose your own size limit.]

Other interesting pages to see

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Random nonsense

Yee-and-Yeemaster  Personal "urban dictionary" definitions for terms Yee and Yeemaster

If you would like to contact me, I've made a throw-away email address:

web-page-1 (at) coredump (dot) us

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